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“Can relax around the fire..
Can relax around the people..
Time and Space where to exchange heart have no boundary.
The Earth where to step firmly is all connected.
All Time and Space where to exchange today lead to tomorrow. “
——LOVE and PEACE presents by Landing in HAKUSAN
The International Festival in HAKUSAN will be held again on 5th November 2022!!
This year we raise on theme “It has more than enough”.
Surrounds the fire let’s express the joy of being able to spend this moment together on that day!
Wild Art YESE! will produce an interactive and improvisational stage.
Looking forward to it !!
<Link of application form>
*Megumi Nakamura (vocalist)
She is a messenger singing love and conducts the theme song ” It has more than enough”.
*RAMO (father&son’s music band)
They manage a musical instrument store that mainly sells guitars. They creates songs that encourage everyone.
*Shozan (syakuhachi / Japanese bamboo flute player)
He prefers free expression to classical music. Please enjoy him playing different melodies!
*Hirohisa (wadaiko / Japanese drum player)
A signal of Japanese Festival is Taiko! Strong and passionate sounds by soloist!
*Matte Momo (a cappella unit)
Swiss song by a Swiss mother who runs a bakery and her children. Please listen to their beautiful harmony!
*Kiyofumi Ohtani (pianist and composer)
He composed many songs inspired by the nature of Hakusan. You might feel calm with his momentary and momentary sound.
*Saiko Miyajima (violinist)
He is an improvisational player. His Live-performance has received high praise for its perfection and richness of sound.
*Shinpei (painter)
He drew all performers for the flyer. Do you believe fairy? He draws fairies that exist there. Let’s see and find a fairy together!
*Yuko (dancer and performance artist)
She presides over “Wild Art YESE!” and always tries to make alive time and space.
<food & drink>
*il Vivo
Italian oven-baked pizza
Bolivian food and goods
*Matte Momo
Swiss homey soup and bread
*Hakusan Cafe
Large Takoyaki as new specialty from Hakusan
Rice-balls and homey side dishes
Sweets made with local ingredients
*Guest House Ilonggo
Roasted wild boar for free and Philippine sweets
【Possible to stay at night, a bed in dormitory room 3000yen, early booking recommended】
*Inosan Farm ~Yamano-ue~
Hot coffee
【Possible to camp after the festival, one night 4180yen for each tent(max.6p), booking by 4th.Nov 】
Entrance fee:2000yen from high school age (reserved by 4th.Nov on Google form, pay on
that day) https://forms.gle/uTogMkVSKs2k5uwq9
2200yen without reservation
Date:5th. November (Saturday) from 4PM to 7:30
Place:Inosan Farm Camping ground ( 2745-1 Hakusan Cho Sada, Tsu, Mie )
This event will be held in light rain. If the event is canceled due to bad weather, we will inform you on this FB page.
Facebook page link https://fb.me/e/3CP7ovgFM