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2022.03.01 News

March Greetings!!

Good morning! March has started!! It is getting warmer these days and we already experienced some days with over 10℃ at the day time. It is nice to come to HAKUSAN to have walking or cycling this time. You will see full bloom of UME (pram) blossom.

Here are some events in HAKUSAN this month and next month;
3/5 10:00~16:00 Halle Yamato Manabi fair / Domestic migration consultation window

4/1-3 Yumiko Yoshioka’s WS @Wild Art YESE!

4/2 Halle Yamato 1st year anniversary event (Manabi Fair)

4/10 13:00~19:00 Amature Music Festival in HAKUSAN @Inosan Farm Camp Site

アマチュアミュージックフェスティバル  in HAKUSAN ~桜と焚き火と音楽と

Hope you enjoy visiting HAKUSAN!!