Hakusan treasure hunt recommended route


Walking course “Hase Historic Roads”

Hase Historic Roads is the most popular pathway from Nara to Ise in history. There used to be many guest houses and shops for travellers. This walking course starts from Inosan Farm where you can try Strawberry or Blue berry picking. Then walk down to a temple, stop for lunch and shopping. Then finish back up the hill for hot springs…

Distance 7.7km
Time 2 hours
Spots 7 spots


Inosan Farm

Address:2745-1, Hakusancho Sada, Tsu City, Mie


Inosan Farm grows Strawberry and Blueberry with no remaining chemicals in fruits. You can enjoy picking of those fruits. They also have a good BBQ facility. Would you like to enjoy your favorite activities with your friends or love ones in the nature?

  • 徒歩 28minutes

Joganji temple

Address: 1361, Hakusancho Kaminomura, Tsu City, Mie


Middle class temple of Tendaishinseishu religion. National important treasure “Amidanyoraizo” is kept inside. If you are lucky, you can see it.

  • 徒歩 14minutes

Wayoshoku Miyata

Address: 120-7, Hakusancho Nakanomura, Tsu City, Mie


Popular Japanese Restaurant in the area. You can taste Ichishi brand rice.

  • 徒歩 3minutes

Hakusan Nukuino Sato Farmers Market

Address: 94-1, Hakusancho Nakanomura, Tsu City, Mie


You can find local delicacies and fresh vegetables in season!

  • 徒歩 17minutes

The grave of Kinotsurayuki

Address:At the back of JA miyama branch, Hakusancho Sada, Tsu City, Mie


Hakusancho was a part of Mr. Kino in the past.

  • 徒歩 7minutes

Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station

Address:Hakusancho Sada, Tsu City, Mie


There is a shuttle bus from Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station to Inokura Onsen almost every 30minutes from 10am to 4pm.
※You may get to Inosan Farm by telling it to the driver.

  • 徒歩 28minutes
  • 車 5minutes

Inokura Onsen

Address:2643 Hakusancho Sada, Tsu City, Mie


You can relax in the natural spring water Spa. There are wide bath tubs and an outside bath with the view of Aoyama highland. They have restaurants and accommodation too.


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