Landing in HAKUSAN

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We are little “busybodies” talking about the nature of Hakusan and the charm of its food. Did you find out how interesting Hakusan is on this website? To make this a sustainable town, we are carrying out the following activities with a view to 50 years from now. Thanks for your interest and support.


Reveal the charm of Hakusan

Through this website, SNS, maps, etc., we will disseminate information about tourism, events, experience programs, accommodation facilities, special products, etc. of Hakusan

Development of experience programs and special products

We will work on developing programs unique to this area (including nature experience, agriculture and hunting, international cuisine, arts and culture) and on developing special locally sourced products only available in this town.

Attracting and nurturing agricultural and mountain village entrepreneurs

We will support entrepreneurs who will work to solve social issues by utilizing the local resources of agricultural and mountain villages to make Hakusan come alive.

Members of “Landing in HAKUSAN”

Organizations and companies

Ikaw-Ako Japan-Philippines Partnership for Environmental Protection Foundation, Inc.
Guest House Ilonggo
Inokura Co., Ltd.
Inosan Farm Co., Ltd.
Wild Art YESE!
Inosan Farm Co., Ltd.

As of January 1, 2020