The Aoyama Plateau, where many windmills are lined up, and the cloudy river Kumoide River. A hot spring with rich nature and beautiful skin. Mountain products such as fresh seasonal vegetables, Isshi rice, blueberries, strawberries, and game. Since ancient times, the spirit of hospitality that has been cultivated by people visiting Ise. These "Mie treasures" are in Hakusancho, Tsu City, in the middle of Mie!


The water of Inokura Onsen is natural and pristine coming directly from the hot spring.
It is a widespread belief that spring water is the best for giving you beautiful skin.
Other benefits are known for helping decrease atopy symptoms, rheumatism and fatigue in the body.
There are Japanese style accommodations and hot spring bathing facilities for day trippers.


There are many choices of outdoor activities.
Let’s enjoy nature!

Ground golf at Inokura Onsen, BBQ at Inosan Farm, Nagashi-Somen at River Park Mami, Fish catching at Wakasugi-no-Sato, Camping at Aoyama highland Hoken-kyuyo-chi, Outdoor party at Kamegahiro, Trekking to Nunobiki Water fall, Cycling around several Shirayama Hime Shrines.


  • Population:10,451(As of Feb 2021)

  • Area:111.85km2

  • Roads:National Road Route 165 connects Tsu City to Osaka/Nara and several Prefectural Roads across the town.

  • Train:Kintetsu Osaka line and JR Tokay Meisho line across the town for a total of 6 stations.

  • Nature:Mountains and hills like Aoyama Highland and the first class river Kumozu River.

  • Local Resources:Blueberries, Strawberries, Ichishi Rice, Wild meat.



Landing in Hakusan introduces a program that can only be experienced in Hakusan. Outdoors, Farming, Hunting, Cooking International Food, Arts and Culture… Learn all these from the local professionals and Experience it yourself!

白山を彩る人々 PEOPLE


Landing in Hakusan introduces kind and volunteer people living in Hakusan



Nohaku means staying over in a Farm, Mountain or Fisheries village. The local experience in villages makes a true difference from commercial tours.
Introducing the Nohaku in a convenient rural place, Tsu City Hakusan.


Lots of treasures awaiting to be discovered in Mie Prefecture, Hakusan.
How about visiting historic sites, trying fruits picking, and delicious local foods?
Staying overnight at country inn and bathing in a hot spring is highly recommended!Please come to find the local treasures.